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Yay! Congrats on picking a very special cut of pork… whether you’re planning a spectacular Sunday lunch, an extra special weeknight meal, or just love eating really yummy food… pork belly covers all the bases! Here are Freedom Farms top tips for creating a succulent pork belly with all the trimmings.

How much pork belly do I need?

Depends on what you’re serving it with, but we reckon 1kg feeds 4 – 5 people comfortably. But, you should never worry that you have too much, leftover pork is delicious served cold in sandwiches!

How do I know it’s cooked?

We recommend cooking pork belly for 30-35mins per 500g, plus a short hot blast to get the crackling sussed. So a 1kg piece will need 20 mins in a hot oven, and then an hour at a lower temp.
To be extra certain, crack out your meat thermometer. You’re aiming for a minimum internal temp of 62˚C.

Other secret tips…

1. Pour boiling water over the skin and leave in the fridge uncovered overnight. This will give you amazing crackling.
2. At the time of cooking, the pork should be at room temperature, so take it out of the fridge and let it relax for a while before it goes in the oven.
3. Dry skin is the key to good crackling, so in addition to the boiling water trick, give it a good blot with paper towels before you rub it down with oil and salt. Throw away the paper towels, because germs.
4. Use your hands to massage the oil, then salt, into the skin, making sure you get into all the score marks too.
5. Always preheat your oven to the correct temp before you put the pork in.
6. Please don’t skip the resting stage of cooking! Take the pork belly out of the pan, pop on a serving plate or chopping board and allow to rest for at least 10 minutes before you carve it up. Pop a bit of foil over it to stop it cooling down too much.