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Ten years ago this month, a love affair with pies started out at the local Clevedon Farmers market when two friends, Maree Glading and Jessie Stanley, set up their first stall and began selling their homemade gourmet family pies. Not just any pies… I Love Pies!

“We knew we were on to something when we sold all 100 pies in under an hour,” says Maree.

Word spread quickly and just a few months later we were delighted give Maree and Jessie their first taste of retail when we started selling their delicious pies at Farro.  Looking back, getting into Farro in mid-2008 was one of our key successes we had in our early days. Many of our fans tell us they first came across us in Farro,” says Maree. “We can safely attribute some of our early success to Farro’s support.”

Now, the I Love Pies range has expanded to include delicious fruit pies and sausage rolls. They’ve also recently launched an I Love Baking line of freshly baked cookies made with the same philosophy.

As the company grows, the power duo have promised to continue baking their pies in New Zealand with fresh, local produce. “We use top quality NZ meat, free range chicken, bacon and lovely locally grown vegetables in our pies,” says Jessie. “Our cookies also contain less sugar due to us including date puree and the goodness of oats.” The girls are proud to say their products will never contain palm oil, MSG, or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. “We like to keep things natural around here.”

“We are incredibly grateful to Farro, and of course our amazing customers who have supported us along the way.”

Congratulations Maree and Jessie – here’s to the next 10 years! We’re very proud to see how these two kiwi mums have built a successful business, one slice at a time.