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Rich and decadent: Il Casaro Burrata

Rich and decadent: Il Casaro Burrata

Il Casaro Burrata 100g

Auckland, New Zealand

Type of cheese:
Soft cow’s milk cheese with a delicate mozzarella outer and a creamy centre.

Tasting Notes:
Burrata has a rich, velvety flavour that melts in the mouth, complimenting fresh fruit and tomato salads.

Serving Tips:
This delicious, creamy cheese is perfect with fresh, seasonal tomatoes, vibrant basil, and a drizzle of your favourite olive oil. Or try it on top of a warm salad or vegetable pasta for a little extra decadence.

About Il Casaro Burrata:
Based in Auckland’s Wairau Valley, Il Casaro’s award-winning cheeses bring together traditional Italian techniques and best-quality, locally sourced milk. Known as the ‘Queen of Cheese’ in Italy, Burrata hails from Puglia in the south and is made to a special recipe that results in a soft-textured skin with a luxuriously oozy filling.