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Kalon Digor

Kalon Digor

Meet the Breton baker bringing the queen of all pastries to your local Farro store.

If there’s such a thing as the ultimate French pastry, bets are it would be the kouign-amann. Pronounced ‘queen-ahmon’, this decadent creation is something like a caramelised croissant – think layers of pastry forming a small, round cake that’s baked until puffed up. Caramelised on the outside and gooey on the inside, its layered, fluffy and exquisite. We can thank the clever cooks of Brittany for inventing the kouign-amann in the 19th Century, and we can thank Breton baker Luc Jorieux of Kalon Digor for more recently introducing them to the deli counter at Farro. Brittany has given the world plenty of delicious things to eat and drink: galettes, crêpes, and apple cider to name a few. Like a lot of great food products, the kouign-amann is said to have been invented by accident. Stories suggest that in the mid 1800s a Breton baker, desperately attempting to save a batch of bread dough, added a load of extra butter and sugar – and this signature pastry from Brittany was born.

A good cook puts their own stamp on a dish. It took Luc, who was raised in Brittany and moved to New Zealand in 1997, a few trials and errors to settle on his kouign-amann recipe, which he says strikes the perfect balance. “Not too dense, not too fluffy”. Luc wanted to take a back-to-basics approach to his pastry-making, using fewer, high-quality ingredients and no artificial flavours or preservatives. Luc first launched his kouign-amann at the French Festival - selling out of 400 pastries in just half a day. He knew he was on to a good thing.

You’ll find Kalon Digor kouign-amanns at the deli counter of your local Farro store. They come in three different flavours – lemon, cinnamon, and chocolate. Whichever you choose, we recommend pairing your prize with a delicious coffee made by one of our skilled baristas. Kouign-ammans are also an outstanding and simple dessert idea – slice them up and serve with a scoop of good-quality vanilla ice cream.

So what’s next for Kalon Digor? At the moment, Luc is working on a range of fresh authentic dessert-ideas. If his kouign-amanns are anything to go by we can’t wait to try them!

Kalon Digor kouign-amann are a deli counter speciality, available Friday to Sunday across Farro stores. So set a sweet reminder in your diary to make sure you don’t miss out on this cult favourite! Kalon Digor Kouign- amman – Cinnamon, Lemon or Chocolate, $4.50/each