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Made from almond and coconut flour with pumpkin and linseed seeds they are super light and fluffy.

Carol Brandon who has been a chef for 35 years and gluten free for over 10 years founded kiwi Keto Rolls. She wanted a healthier alternative to the gluten free breads on the market.

The Kiwi Keto roll came about after much trial and experimentation. She grinds the pumpkin and flax seeds manually which consequently yields very high potassium and magnesium levels which is sought-after for those looking for good nutrition.

These are truly light fluffy and delicious! Ingredients include: Almond flour, coconut flour, linseed seeds, pumpkin seeds, Himalayan sea salt, eggs, water, baking soda, sesame seeds, mustard powder and psyllium husk. Nothing nasty all natural.

These need to be refrigerated so find them in our chilled department.