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Kokako has been nurturing a relationship with Papua New Guinea for some time and its last visit to Papua New Guinea was in August 2015. Mike Murphy, managing director of Kokako, was delighted to discover a truly outstanding coffee grown at Purosa Estate, the farm of James ‘Papa’ Kinne. James is the father of Daniel Kinne, the chairman of the Highlands Organic Agriculture Cooperative (HOAC), where the Kokako team already sources PNG coffee for the Kokako Aotea blend.

Typically, coffee harvested by the cooperative is mixed, graded and sold together, producing a coffee that is a balance of the flavour profiles of the whole region, rather than just one estate. In securing all of these rare and exceptional beans – just six precious sacks – Kokako’s coffee roaster can roast and share it with us all to showcase the unique flavour profiles of Purosa Estate. We are really thrilled – not only for Kokako, but also for ourselves – with the opportunity to try this rare and exceptionally exciting coffee. Acknowledging the very small batch, Kokako has given it added value with beautiful packaging featuring a bird design from the coop’s own logo. Each box is hand-numbered; with only 900 packs for sale, this is an opportunity to savour.

The Highlands Organic Agriculture Cooperative (HOAC) operates in the picturesque Purosa region in Papua New Guinea’s Eastern Highlands. Plentiful rain and rich volcanic soil provide ideal growing conditions for quality Arabica coffees. Located 93 kilometres south-west of Goroka Township – the capital of the Eastern Highlands – Purosa is a thriving community and the centre for a range of coffee activities. Nearly 2,700 farmers are registered members of the cooperative, and live in the 32 village communities spread over 500 square kilometres in the Purosa Valley region. The Kokako team regularly visits HOAC to share knowledge and insights with the farmers as well as keep building on the relationship they have with this isolated but very passionate group of growers.

On Kokako’s last visit, Papa James Kinne hosted the team in his house; in return they taught him and many other HOAC coffee farmers how to roast their coffee, cup – or ‘taste’ – and differentiate between flavour profiles. This may come as a surprise to many people, but farmers rarely even taste the coffee they grow, let alone have the opportunity to roast and cup it themselves.

For both Kokako and Farro Fresh, this is the pinnacle of specialty coffee. It’s Kokako’s chance to tell the story of a respected leader in the Papua New Guinea coffee industry, and showcase the exceptional coffee of his estate. Mike of Kokako says: “We take great pride in connecting you with these coffee farmers, and trust that your customers will enjoy the coffee and the story as much as we love bringing it to you.”

Coffee details:


Purosa, Okapa, Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Plant varietals

Arusha, Caturra, Mundo Novo

Estate elevation

1800m+ above sea level




Washing at Purosa then sun dried. Milled, hulled and sorted at Goroka

Roast profile


Our suggested brew method for Purosa is pour-over or aeropress.

Tasting notes:

Flavour – marmalade, pear and spice

Body – juicy and full

Acidity – citric and berry

Finish – caramel and cocoa

Hand-numbered, limited release, 200g whole beans in a beautifully designed box; 900 units only, at a retail price of $15.50.