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Fromagerie Guilloteau Le Campagnier

Fromagerie Guilloteau Le Campagnier

Fromagerie Guilloteau Le Campagnier

Rhone-Alps, France 

Type of cheese: 
Soft, Pasteurised cow's milk, washed rind. 

Tasting Notes: 
Lusciously creamy, with a buttery flavour and notes of mushroom. The white mold on the washed rind lends a depth of flavour to the cheese that contrasts beautifully with the subtle creaminess inside. 

Serving Suggestions: 
Its robust and unique flavours make Le Campagnier the perfect centrepiece for your next cheeseboard. It pairs deliciously with walnuts, grapes and rustic bread. Also goes perfectly with the Lady Butcher Wagyu Bresaola. 

About the cheese: 
Fromagerie Guilloteau has mastered the art of ultrafiltration cheesemaking. This technique removes extra water from the cheesemaking process and creates incredibly creamy, silky cheeses. Another one of Le Campagnier’s secrets is that the rind is washed in salt water and then set aside for 3 weeks to develop a subtle white mold. Pair this with the ultra-creamy texture from the ultrafiltration process and you have Le Campagnier.