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Little River Brie

Little River Brie

Little River

Upper Moutere, Nelson, New Zealand

About Little River:
The Little River factory is based in the Upper Moutere, Nelson. The cheesemaker Francis Bigot studied cheesemaking in his home country of France and has 10 years experience in the industry working in Australia, France, Switzerland and New Zealand. The team source A2 cow’s milk from a local producer, Oaklands Milk, who also supply Aunt Jean’s fresh milk. The cows are fed on a varied diet of healthy green grass which is supplemented with hay, silage, Nelson fruit pulp from the local juice extraction facility and spent grain from a local boutique brewery.

Type of cheese:
A French classic, produced in the heart of Nelson. This is a Kiwi version of the famous French washed rind cheese.

Serving tips:
Fresh pomegranate arils, honey and rosemary crackers pair well with this cheese. For a treat serve with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Tasting notes:
There is a rich flavour from the rind and a buttery flavour through the cheese. It’s savoury and pungent in taste and aroma. Beautiful subtle mushroom flavours just as you expect in traditional brie-style cheese.