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Loison Panettone and Pandoro

Loison Panettone and Pandoro

At Farro we are proud to offer an extensive range of top of the line Christmas products. One of our seasonal staples is Loison. Exclusive to Farro, Loison makes delicious traditional Italian Christmas cakes - panettone and pandoro in a range of aromatic flavours, perfectly hand-wrapped – a must have for the festive season.

An  Italian Christmas is not complete without either panettone or pandoro, but you’ll often find both on the dining table. Panettone is both dense and light, often making it difficult to cut, the correct way to eat panettone is to cut thin, tall slices. Panettone originates in Milan - it is a sweet, yeasty cake in a distinct domed shape and is often compared to fruitcake because both are traditionally made with raisins and candied fruits. Farro has created a recipe for a show-stopping Christmas dish using Loison’s classico panettone to make a divine ice cream terrine that only requires a little chopping and slicing to put together

Pandoro is an Italian Christmas cake originating from Verona. True to its name (pan d’oro means "golden bread"), the cake has a bright yellow colour. Pandoro is traditionally a star-shaped cake that is dusted with powdered sugar. Pandoro can be used to create our impressive orange and almond pandoro tower – an achievable recipe that will blow your Christmas guests away

No one does the Italian Christmas cake like Loison. No detail is spared, from the baking process to the packaging which is re-designed for every Christmas. Loison is crafted using only Italy’s finest ingredients;:eggs from safe farms, milk, butter, cream produced in the mountains of Italy, superfine flour, to top- grade Italian sugar, artisanal sea salt from Cervia and special aromatic products that are all selected with great care and creativity.

Loison are a family business starting three generations ago in Italy, their specialties include panettone, pandoro and other baked goods coming in a range of flavours in attractive packaging. Tranquillo Loison started the business in 1938 after beginning his bread-making journey from a young age. After opening his first bakery he passed his love of bread making on to his son Alessandro, who was the first to start experimenting with pastries instead of bread. His first confectionery experiment was the San Martino cake, based on a recipe suggested to him by a friend from Verona. In 1992 grandson Dario took on the head of company role and began export to Europe and overseas.

A Farro we stock a large range of Loisons, from classic pandoro, to salted caramel panettone, to their famous fruit biscuits all beautifully gift wrapped for that extra special Christmas touch. Pop in-store this Christmas for your pandoro and panettone.