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Maca Powder is truly wonderful stuff! Produced from a turnip looking root from South America LifeFoods have created a raw powder that can harness the great attributes of this unusual plant. With quite odd growing habits, each plant takes around 260-280 days to produce a bulb like root that can then be harvested. Due to its love of the cold almost all maca production is done without pesticides, and additional nutrients are introduced to the soil by way of grazing alpacha and sheep.

Maca has a very high nutrional value, similar to that of cereal grains like rice and wheat. High in carbs and minerals, it’s also packed with nineteen amino acids.

Once dried the root is powdered, but traditionally it is eaten cooked and is part of the Peruvian diet on a seasonal basis. It is used in all manner of dishes from porridge-like dishes through to being roasted, dried, used as a flour for breads and pancakes and even brewed to create a beer that has been produced by a very brave American brewer. Until the late 1980’s maca was only cultivated and used in Central Peru.

But it is the benefits of Maca that are the draw card and have made it quite the hero. Maca is said to help people with hormone imbalances as it has a unique way in which it improves the function of the endocrine system. It is an adaptogen, which means it works in your body to help produce the right amount of hormones your body needs. The adaptogens found in Maca are also said to increase stamina, endurance and overall energy. Maca is credited with having the ability to help the body to handle stress and this may be due to its vitamin C and zinc content, which is thought to help support the immune system. Containing calcium, phosphorus, fatty acids, vitamin B1 and B12 which are believed to nourish our bodies in a way that calms our nerves and creates a healthy nervous system.

The delicious powder has a nutty/vanilla like taste which is best used with smoothies, yoghurt, milkshakes, or on your cereal at breakfast. You can even add it to cookies, cakes or any other treat that you might be baking. The versatility of Maca is endless.

LifeFoods recommend to take 1 teaspoon daily and build up to 5 teaspoons daily for optimum benefits.