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Many Peas In A Pod

Many Peas In A Pod

Sweet tender and oh-so-versatile, peas in pods are the ultimate seasonal treat!

Shelling peas can be a little time-consuming but having a stock-pile of delicious sweet young peas to add to salads or pasta dishes is well worth the effort.

New tender peas are a wonderful side dish to chicken, lamb or fish. Adding a few tablespoons of chopped mint (or other spring herbs), to lightly boiled peas will add zest to their mild sweetness. Or try mixing them with cured meats like bacon, chorizo, prosciutto for that sweet/salty combo.

“To shell peas in pods, remove the stem end of the pod, peel the stringy fibre from the seam, open the pod and run your thumb along the inside to remove the peas,” says Kuldeep Bhullar, Farro’s Produce Category Manager.

“Use them as soon as possible after purchase, store them in the refrigerator and shell them just before cooking, taking care not to over-cook them. Young peas are so good, no matter which way you cook them – boiled, steamed, sautéd, stir-fried or even eaten straight from the pod!”

Don’t waste the shells! Blanch the leftover shells in hot water for one minute, then pop them in a blender and whiz- pea shell puree!