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Matcha is the word used for powdered green tea, important to the beautiful and intricate tea ceremony of Japan. Matcha has featured in the ritual since the 13th century. Matcha Matcha is new to store at Farro Fresh and it has the real taste of Japanese matcha for us to enjoy.

Matcha has a beautifully intense taste and vibrant colour. It has a sweet and fresh nose with a dense, rich earthy umami flavour.

Stone grinding the tea very finely alters the taste but also means you enjoy the unusual taste profile in a very different way to whole leaves. The stone grinding process is important to the delicate aroma and taste and is a slow process to stop over heating.

Growing the leaves in the shade for final three weeks before being picked increases the chlorophyll and amino acids which are good for bolstering your immunity, skin, increasing your metabolism and increasing energy levels. It is also exceptionally high in antioxidants that can be absorbed in to the body.

Matcha doesn’t just have to be a drink, the powder can be used in desserts and baking. In Japan it is used to dye rice cakes and udon noodles and create the famous green tea icecream.

Being light and heat sensitive store your matcha in a cool dark place in a sealed container so no moisture can oxidize the wonderful taste.

Matcha Matcha also offers tea whisks, a very necessary part of the matcha preparation process – available for you to whisk your own matcha at home. Each pack of matcha provides full instructions on how to brew to enjoy the best benefits that this beautiful tea can provide or pop on to the Matcha Matcha website for more interesting info and facts about the wonders of green tea.