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Matching cheese with the perfect accompaniments and wines

Matching cheese with the perfect accompaniments and wines

Quick and simple to prepare but high on wow factor, a cheese board is an entertaining essential. Farro shows you how to build a beautiful, delicious platter from the seven types of cheeses and match them with the perfect accompaniments and wines.


Sweet, nutty and deep umami flavours. Hard cheeses are often crumbly, like a parmesan, with some crystallization. They are dense and can have thick rinds.

EXAMPLES cheddar, Parmigiana Reggiano, gouda
PERFECT MATCH WITH - Turkish Dried Figs
WINE RECOMMENDATION- Rich and dry whites or medium-bodied reds. Farro recommends Te Awanga Syrah, $23.99


Mild, milky and fresh – these cheeses are loved for their simple, classic flavours. They have no rind and are usually between 1-15 days old.

EXAMPLES halloumi, ricotta, feta, mozzarella, chèvre, cream cheese
PERFECT MATCH WITH - Crusty Wild Wheat sourdough baguette
WINE RECOMMENDATION - A rose or sauvignon blanc. Farro recommends Haha Rose, $14.99


Blues can be creamy and mild to strong and crumbly. They have streaks, or veins, of blue, green mould running through them.

EXAMPLES - Stilton, Roquefort, Gorgonzola, creamy Blue
PERFECT MATCH WITH Zoe Bone Foods, Feijoa Paste & Totara Cottage Sweet and Salty or Sesame Crackers
WINE RECOMMENDATION Sweet, dessert wines. Farro recommends Spy Valley Gewurztraminer, $17.99


These have a sharp and usually salty taste. Aged fresh cheeses can be creamy or crumbly and made from sheep, goat or cows milk.

EXAMPLES - Saint Marcellin, Cranky Goat The Nanny
PERFECT MATCH WITH 0 J Friend Chunky Honey
WINE RECOMMENDATION - An acidic wine usually works well here, like a dry pinot gris, sauvignon blanc. Or if going for a red, a merlot or pinot noir. Farro recommends Fox Sauvignon Blanc, $14.99


Often referred to as “the stinkers”, these cheeses have intensely bold and savoury notes with some pungency. Not for shy cheese eaters but deeply rewarding for the brave!

EXAMPLES - Edam, Port Salut, Havarti, Reblochon, Munster
PERFECT MATCH WITH - Augustine's Quince Paste, Rutherford & Meyer Gourmet Natural Wafers
WINE RECOMMENDATION - Try a white wine with good acidity to cut the richness of the cheese. Farro recommends Peregrine Riesling, $23.99


Most flavour added cheeses are well-known hard cheeses with mixed fruits, spices or herbs, and shaped into a round.

EXAMPLES cumin seed gouda, smoked cheddar
WINE RECOMMENDATION - This depends on the flavours in your cheese – try something different or quirky! Farro recommends Bell-Ringer Albarino, $18.99


A soft white rind is often buttery and mild when young and more pungent as it ages. These cheeses often have a fine covering of fuzzy white mould.

EXAMPLES camembert, brie
PERFECT MATCH WITH Damson Collection Fruit Paste
WINE RECOMMENDATION Full-bodied chardonnay. Farro recommends Walnut Block Chardonnay, $26.99