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Meet Mahana, Farro's Cheese Expert

Meet Mahana, Farro's Cheese Expert

Our very own Farro Foodie and proclaimed, “Cheese expert”, Mahana is based out of our Grey Lynn store and comes to New Zealand from the picturesque countryside in France. Born and raised in the Béarn, a traditional province in southwest France, cheese has always been a staple food of Mahana’s. Recalling being 8 years old and milking her neighbour’s cows by hand to make homemade cheeses and telling stories of summers spent herding the cows through the mountains.

Mahana came to New Zealand 5 years ago on a holiday, speaking very little English and not intending to stay long term. 5 years later and Mahana has found a home with us at Farro, doing what she loves, gaining and sharing in her cheese expertise. She even recently judged the New Zealand Cheese Championships alongside a panel of experts alike, tasting 40-50 different cheeses of the Farmhouse and European category, judging them on appearance, smell and flavour. She says that there was definitely a clear winner, but she’ll leave that one for the end results! Mahana uses key words when looking for the right cheese for her customers, “I look for key words that let me know what they’re using it for, whether they want to buy local and what kind of flavour they’re going for”.

Mahana says she loves everything we have at Farro in our cheese collection and it’s difficult for her to pick a favourite but she currently in love with our marinated buffalo cheese, and suggests eating it in a salad alongside fresh fig with plenty of nuts and seeds and pairing it off with a Pinot nor from Otago.

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