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Mercer Cheese: Native Bush Kawakawa and Horopito Gouda

Mercer Cheese: Native Bush Kawakawa and Horopito Gouda


Onewhero, North Waikato

Type of cheese:
Semi-soft Dutch-style Gouda flavoured with kawakawa and horopito.

Tasting Notes:
The kawakawa berry gives citrus notes while the horopito adds a peppery spice, balanced with the flavour of the young buttery Gouda.

Serving Tips:
Best served on a cheese platter, for those who enjoy experimenting with flavours.

Farro Food Hero - Mercer Cheese:
Mercer Cheese was founded by Dutch cheesemaker and one of New Zealand’s specialty cheese pioneers, Albert Alferink. Albert has almost 40 years of cheese making under his belt, and was one of the first in New Zealand to use locally farmed milk to create a distinctive New Zealand style of cheese inspired by Gouda, a hard cheese that the Dutch have been cultivating for thousands of years. When Albert moved to New Zealand he started out working in forestry then decided to go back to the Netherlands to train to be a cheesemaker, because he couldn’t find any gouda style cheeses here. He opened the Mercer Cheese store in 1981, with his wife Ineke, selling cheese that is made at the couple's home-based factory about 20km away in Onewhero. They use milk sourced locally from the neighbouring farm. Albert makes a range of classic gouda from cows milk and also an incredible goat milk gouda, with 15-20 varieties of his cheeses are highly awarded. Outside of the Mercer store, Farro is one of the few retailers to stock the Mercer cheeses.