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Miam Miam

Miam Miam

Handmade in Auckland by Frenchman Sebastien Barre, this range of traditional French sausages marries Sebastien’s passion for cooking, quality New Zealand meat and imported spice blends. Having worked as a firefighter in France for 20 years, Sebastien and his partner, and their two kids, set off on a world tour that ended up in New Zealand. Sebastien starting making sausages for friends and family, recreating the flavours of home.

Everyone loved the sausages so much they encouraged Sebastien to set up his business. Miam Miam was born and Aucklanders just can’t get enough of his delicious and authentic French sausages.

Sebastien recommends trying Miam Miam’s La Merguez – a slightly spicy blend of NZ beef and lamb made with a delicious mixture of North African spices and a preferred sausage of the French. The Toulouse is made from generous pieces of New Zealand pork drizzled with white wine and is perfect for summer barbecues. And you can’t go wrong with La Chipolata, a pork sausage with a tasty blend of spices that will appeal to children and adults alike.

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