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Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

Farro talks Mt Cook Alpine Salmon about how letting nature take the lead results in the finest tasting salmon.

What's different about freshwater salmon?

Freshwater King Salmon is best known for its clean, subtle taste and delicate texture. This special fish is raised in central South Island; they thrive in the ice-cold waters that flow from Aoraki/Mt Cook. Constant swimming against fast, glacier-fed canals keeps our salmon healthy and fit, with minimal solid stored fats.

What species is Mt Cook Alpine Salmon?

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon is King Salmon, in fact, all salmon farmed in NZ are King Salmon so that’s an easy way to check if your salmon is local. The King Salmon species makes up for less than 1% of farmed salmon globally. Freshwater King Salmon from NZ’s Southern Alps is rarer still.  

Preventative antibiotics are used in some salmon farms overseas, what is Mt Cook Alpine Salmon’s stance?
Our salmon live in some of the cleanest water on the planet. The fast, cold waters that flow through our farms create a constantly refreshed environment. The isolation of the pristine place in which we farm, protects our fish – there’s no need for antibiotics. 

How important is sustainability?

Very! Sustainability is embedded in our culture, extending from our fish husbandry to our care for the environment in which we farm. It’s also about adopting the highest work safety regimes, engaging positively with our local communities, building our social license and caring for our staff.  'We were the first salmon farm in Australasia to receive Best Aquaculture Practice Certification, and are proud to be green rated as ‘best choice’ by Monterey Bay Seafood.'