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Mummy's Yummys and the MOXIE crew

Mummy's Yummys and the MOXIE crew

Ann-Marie and Darren Nicholas are the husband and wife team behind Mummy’s Yummys and they deliver delicious fresh homemade baking to Farro from their extended, commercial kitchen at their North Shore home. 

Recently the Mummy’s Yummys team have been working with a group of three  adults with disabilities through the MOXIE (Meaningful Opportunities Crossing Into Employment ) programme. The MOXIE programme was launched in 2016 by Recreate New Zealand offering a series of projects that provide meaningful work experience for youth with intellectual, physical or sensory disabilities.

Jesse, Becky & Sarah are young adults who have been working alongside Ann-Marie and Darren and learning all parts of the business it takes to produce Mummy’s Yummys delicious Jammy Tarts, Caramel, Citrus & Ginger Bites, ChocChip & Oat biscuits and more. 

“It would be true to say that we have been blown away with the ability these guys and girls have had in setting goals, learning new skills, gaining self-confidence but most of all bringing loyalty & love to our business. Not to forget the fun!” says Ann-Marie

The team at Mummy’s Yummys believe that some employers underestimate the ability and value adults with disabilities can bring to a working environment and are proud to share that they have been able to offer Jesse paid employment 1-2 days per week. This is the first paid job Jesse has had and Ann-Marie and Darren are excited to have him officially join their team.

The saying ‘just like Nan used to make it’ couldn’t be more true for Mummy’s YummysHomebaking. You can find their full range in our Grocery section.

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