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Chipotle Sauce is our Off the Shelf product this month. With so many sauces on the market and one new one almost every month at Farro we thought why not give you a better understanding of what a good chipotle sauce actually is.

Chipotle comes from a word meaning ‘smoked chilli’ and refers to the process of drying jalapeno chllies over smoke in order to dry them and preserve them for future use. Producing a fantastic smoky flavour, those chillies go to work once they meet other vital sauce ingredients like vinegar and sugar to become what we know as chipotle sauce.

Smoked jalapenos or chipotle chillies are the main chilli used in Tex Mex or American Mexican inspired foods as who can say no to that wonderful flavour? Its like a barbecue with out having to light one!

Adobo is one great creation that comes from chipotle chillies and is a sauce, a marinade and a paste that can be used  is the give great flavour. Consisting of paprika, oregano, salt, garlic, chiptole chillies and vinegar to preserve it can be used to preserve meat to some extent .The Portuguese variant is known as Carne de Vinha d’ Alhos. but the internet will give you many different versions of a good chipotle sauce. Luckily we have a number for you to choose from made right here in New Zealand using locally grown jalapenos even! Whether you add it as a table condiment or try it as an addition to a marinade it is so much the taste of summer!

We love chipotle used to marinate skirt of tri tip. When barbecued or grilled and then sliced finely and stuffed into buns with a heap of avocado we can just picture ourselves at a food truck in California… yummmm!