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Edmond Fallot mustards have been making mustard since 1840. A family run business, Leon Bouley founded a mustard mill and oil production facility in Burgundy that became well known for the it’s excellent mustard. The grandson of Edmond Fallot now runs the state of the art facility to produce those same mustards.

Mustard production in France itself dates back to 1292 when the first records can be found that describe a mustard maker –a ‘moutadier’ .. Up until the 1850’s mustard production had been a labour intensive process like much food production at the time and the mechanisation processes that began to revolutionise the industry resulted in new regulations being created to safe guard quality and taste. These were again updated recently in 2000 . Fallot is one of the most well known and last true craftsman of mustards in France today.

Dijon has become one of the most well known varieties. Mustard cultivation in Asia dates back much further and it’s use quite different than what we know but in Burgundy the limestone terroir idea for wine was also good for mustard production. Dating back to 1390, production became more established and regulated with the establishment of the City of Dijon Corporation of Vinegar and Mustard Makers in 1634.

So an age old tradition lovingly crafted to careful time honoured conditions what we are celebrating in July.  This month at all stores we are offering Vilux French mustards on special to tempt your taste buds as well. The Vilux range is traditionally produced in France as well and it offers some unique flavour combinations to enhance any ham sandwich.