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The perfect roast chicken is exceptional comfort food – whether it be simply roasted with salt and pepper or shown a little more excitement with butter and herbs under the skin, a roast chicken can’t be beaten.

John Torode’s great book on Chicken is a winner for anyone wanting to conquer the chicken and have what he calls the best ever roast chook. His instructions are simple for success –preheat oven to 180°C and make up the best stuffing you can using the freshest herbs and the best breadcrumbs. The same goes for you chicken –keep it quality. We love Bostock’s organic chickens for roasting as the flavour is so good!

He roasts his bird in with potatoes for 35 minutes untouched before he bastes the bird and increases the heat to 190C and allows an extra 40 minutes to cook the bird through. Don’t forget resting time too to allow the meat to relax and those juices to seep back into the flesh for a juicy roast.

We keep celebrating Bostock’s Organics Chickens as such good chicken for many reasons but the main one is flavour. They have a great story to share which we think will make you appreciate that roast chook even more.

Ben Bostock grew up on his family apple orchard in Hawke’s Bay and is now adding a taste of protein to his families proud organic growing history by producing pure tasting, organic chicken. Ben has grown up with a passion for healthy, safe growing processes where there is control.

His father John Bostock is the pioneer of commercial organic apple production in New Zealand, so Ben has grown up with a passion for healthy, safe growing processes where there is control – which means no chemicals, no antibiotics, no hormones and no genetic modification. Welfare and quality are Ben’s key focuses.

While working for a meat export company in Auckland, Ben saw how far removed the sheep and beef farmers were from their markets. He saw an opportunity to produce a product where he controlled the whole process from the pasture to the plate – where he could grow the food, grow the chickens and distribute them to market.

Ben had the perfect environment to grow organic chickens. There was no better location than his organic family orchard in Hawke’s Bay to make his dream a reality and so the journey began! Ben researched international poultry practices, which included trips to France to see how he could produce some of the best organic chicken in the world. The French take their chicken and their freedom very seriously. Superior tasting, succulent chickens are part of French culture and identity.

Ben wanted to produce the same premium poultry in New Zealand and give the Kiwi consumer an unforgettable experience. The key to the French success is nurturing, feeding and raising chickens well.

Determined to give his organic chickens the best life, Ben purchased some ‘French Chalets’, which are state of the art, clean, spacious and solar powered. They have a solar operated feeding system and windows, which enable the chickens to roam freely outside once they’re fully feathered. The chalets are also mobile and can be moved regularly to ensure the flocks have fresh grass all year around.

Ben established Bostock’s Organic Free Range Chicken in June 2014. His vision is to educate Kiwi consumers about where their food comes from and the benefits of eating organic chicken. Ben enjoys running a successful business that meets all welfare standards, is kind on the environment and is economic and sustainable.

Why not try one of their recipes using one their organic free range chicken’s tonight!