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Our hemp product picks

Our hemp product picks

If you’re keeping up with food trends, you’ll be across the addition of hemp as an ingredient to food products. We’ve been flooded with a range of new hemp-based products at Farro and they keep coming - oils, plant-based milks and even yoghurt, bread and beer! 

The delicious plant protein is similar to fish oil in the way that the oil from cold-pressed hemp seeds are high in essential fatty acids and Omega 3 contributing to a number of health benefits. 

We’ve collated our favourite Hemp products available at Farro:

hemp crackers

Health Discovery Hemp and Oregano Nutrient Crackers - Enriched in Omega 3 and proteins these crackers are a healthy addition to any cheeseboard. $5.79/150g

Blue frog

Blue Frog Apricot, Vanilla and Hemp Gluten Free Cereal – Zingy apricots are the perfect flavour partner for creamy hemp hearts, crunchy toasted almonds and rich smooth vanilla. $18.50/350g

bliss balls

Clean Mixes Beauty and Superfood Hemp Protein - Using both hemp seeds and protein this bliss ball mix is high in protein, low carb, low sugar and high in essential fatty acids $14.99/200g


Telegraph Hill hemp Seed Ginger and Sesame Dressing – Use as a dressing for salads, or a dipping sauce, it’s nutritious, flavoursome and gluten-free. $14.99/250ml


Telegraph Hill Hemp Seed Dukkah – Add flavour to any savoury dish with this nutritious and gluten-free hemp seed dukkah $8.99/100g

breakfast cookie

Little Bird Apple Cinnamon Almond Hemp Good Breakfast Cookie- Handmade using simple wholefood ingredients, these cookies are an indulgence that’s good for you!  $6.00/70g

sourdough buns

Venerdi Hemp and Rosemary Buns - These gluten-free buns are ready for you to lightly toast and stack with your favourite fillings. $9.99/3 pack

hemp hearts

Hemp Farm Hemp Hearts – Imported from Canada and processed in New Zealand, hemp hearts are the seeds with the shell removed, perfect used as a topping, in smoothies, or added to baking, bread and more. $35.50/500g


Hemp Farm Hemp Protein - An excellent alternative for anyone wanting to try protein supplements without consuming animal products. $27.99/500g


COYO Organic Coconut Yoghurt Hemp and Blueberry – Hemp combined with the sweetness of juicy blueberries and creamy coconut milk to create this powerhouse of goodness. $12.49/500g

hemp beer

Hemp Craft Beer - Brewed in New Zealand, this recipe developed by Giant Brewing in Havelock North has a hint of Canadian maple which compliments the hemp and NZ hops and a cleansing and refreshing bitterness. $7.99/500ml

hemp seed il

The Hemp Farm Pure Seed Oil - Considered a wonder oil providing a range of necessary nutrients to energise and nourish $20.99/ 250ml   

hemp foccacia

Wild Wheat Hemp Foccacia Bread – High in magnesium, Omega 3 and iron, hemp is a nutritious as well as tasty. Fresh or toasted, it makes a delicious weekend brunch option. $5.49 each