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The Lockdown Larder: Making the most of your Pantry Essentials

The Lockdown Larder: Making the most of your Pantry Essentials

Savvy tips to make the most of what you’ve got in the cupboard.

As we face at least another several weeks of staying home, the Farro team have put together this go-to collection of simple ways you can get maximum flavour and nutrition from minimal ingredients, save on money and trips into store, and avoid wasting food. The good news is that cooking during lockdown can be just as delicious as it was before – if not more delicious as we turn to food and cooking as something that can bring us joy!

Pantry essentials

    Tins are your friend right now – from beans and lentils to crushed tomatoes, vegetables, fish, and coconut milk, keeping your tin selection stocked means you’re never out of a meal. Think about what kind of cuisines you gravitate towards and stock up accordingly. Think cannellini or borlotti beans, and tuna for Mediterranean dishes; black beans and chipotle sauce or chillies in adobo for Mexican; coconut milk and baby corn for Southeast Asian.
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  • HOME & DRY 
    Dry staples are equally essential – you’re going to use rice, pasta, and other grains to soak up all your saucy dishes, and they can also be the stars of salads. Small shapes of pasta, different kinds of rice (try adding a little black or wild rice to brown or basmati), freekeh, couscous or grain-based salads are great ways to make a small amount of fresh produce go a long way.
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    Go to town on collecting various oils and vinegars, and all sorts of seasoning sauces like soy, Worcestershire, chilli, oyster sauce and Chinese cooking wine. Items like this have a long shelf life and can make a big flavour difference to all sorts of dishes.
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Have your Pantry Essentials delivered and order a Farro Pantry Essentials Foodkit.  This Foodkit is packed to the brim of pantry essentials and includes the base ingredients to make a minimum of five different meals. We suggest using the contents to make nachos, Thai green curry, tuna pasta bake, Moroccan couscous, Tandoori chicken and rice + more. Picked, packed and delivered straight to your door, this Foodkit makes stocking the pantry with your essentials easy!  

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