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Pastrami & Rye is nothing less than a keeper of the Jewish-New York-styled culinary flame and has Ellerslie locals lining up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Dave Donoghue is the man behind it all. With a background in butchering and having worked in New York delicatessens for five years, Dave knows the ins and outs of what it takes to make a good sandwich. So, that was his next big calling – to bring the old-school NYC-Jewish- style classics to the locals of Ellerslie. “Basically, it was really hard to find good sandwich in Auckland,” Dave says. “So I opened up a sandwich shop and I knew how to make the products from scratch.”

From house-cured smoked brisket, bacon and salmon, homemade pickles to signature sandwich classics such
as the pastrami on rye ‘Reuben’, Cuban, Crunchy chicken and Lobster roll, to name a few. Dave makes everything on site and has been keeping the neighbourhood humming with genuinely avoursome food for over a year.

We’re absolutely delighted that you’ll now spot his pastrami and Canadian-style bacon at Farro too!

“The pastrami recipe is my recipe, but it’s taken from the delis I worked in, which is why it’s made from brisket,” Dave says. “The brisket is cured for three days in our own herbs and spices, then seasoned and smoked for a day and steamed for a day.” The five-day process is well worth the wait for what turns out to be thick slabs of tender pastrami, and with everyone wanting a taste, it’s no wonder Dave produces more than 100 kilograms a week.

“And that’s just the pastrami… it’s about double that for bacon,” he says. The bacon is cured for 48 hours and smoked for six, from a recipe that’s no secret: “It’s just fresh ingredients – lemon, thyme, sage, bay leaves, garlic, a little bit of salt, a little bit of sugar and away you go!”

The simple packaging even goes back to old-school basics, wrappers using a 100 percent biodegradable material and New Zealand cheese cloth. “It’s what Grandma and Grandad used to store their meat in, back in the day, and we should be doing the same instead of plastic.”

Thank you Dave, for truly rekindling our love a air for one of life’s simplest pleasures, the sandwich. Pop in store to make your own today!