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You can now pick and mix your own mushrooms at all of our stores. Enjoy a feast of varieties!

Phoenix Tail mushroom (oyster)

The Phoenix Tail is a very attractive, fan-shaped mushroom with a delicate subtle seafood avour. It looks beautiful. Use in soups, stir-fries and salads. Gently rip them when adding to a recipe. They can be served raw or very lightly cooked.

Shiitake mushroom

Renowned for its subtle, fresh, earthy avour, this is the most popular of the exotics. It has a traditional mushroom shape with brown cap and white gills and develops a rich, woodsy flavour with a meaty texture when cooked. The shiitake does not discolour with its juices during cooking, so lends itself to almost any style of cooking. The stems tend to be tough, even after cooking, so trim them off . This is ideal as a meat texture substitute and is also known as ‘the healing mushroom’, historically eaten for its medicinal benefits.

Wood Ear mushroom

This unusual mushroom has the most wonderful texture but adds little in avour. It is widely used in Asian-style cuisine, thinly sliced in stir-fries and soups. Wood Ear is best served cooked, where it will retain its colour and al dente texture. Add at the last minute to soups, stir-fries and Chinese-style pickled salads.

Honeycomb (Tremella) mushroom

Also of Asian origin, the Honeycomb mushroom
is highly prized as a culinary delicacy and for its medicinal properties. Roughly chopped o its central core, this mushroom adds three-dimensional textures to any stir-fry, mushroom medley or soup. It is also popular in desserts.

Enoki mushroom (Golden/Snow needles)

Widely used by the Japanese, this delicate mushroom has a subtle but distinctive avour and is characterised by long slender stems and tiny caps. Trim off the spongy base and separate if the bunches are large. These make a great addition to a salad and are best very lightly cooked.

Pink Oyster mushroom

These grow in layered clusters like their grey and yellow relatives. Their colour is intensely pink when raw and changes to an orange-brown colour when cooked. Darker pink mushrooms result from a darker growing environment. The meaty texture of the Pink Flamingo Oyster mushrooms makes for a delicious edible mushroom. They can be sautéed with other vegetables or added to pasta dishes or soups. Pink Flamingo Oyster mushrooms complement white sauces and risotto dishes. Due to their meaty texture, they require thorough cooking (around 20 minutes) to develop their flavour and an edible consistency.