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January often sees many a picnic at the beach and we have some delicious eats for you to whip up.

We want you to enjoy summer with fresh eats that really celebrate flavour and are rich in summery produce. No one likes warm potato salad from a Tupperware container! Some simple prep ahead of time can be the difference between a feast or a famine.

Some of our tips for better picnics are:

Make sure your lettuce is dry – adding just washed lettuce to that perfect club sandwich will make it a nasty soggy eat later so pat dry or even better, wash ahead of time and allow to dry overnight.
Potato salad doesn’t have to made with mayonnaise – get creative with a few fresher ideas that will not be affected by a long drive in the car. Fry some just cooked potatoes and add some turmeric, cumin and garam masala and a big handful of fresh coriander. Serve with boiled eggs and flat bread.

Mix when you arrive – separate your salad components and mix them when you get to your destination. They won’t get crushed and will taste much better later.

Buy a small gas cooker – they cost $20 and then you are ready for a feast where ever you go! All you need then is a frying pan or pot and you are ready for whatever exciting foods you may find on your travels.

Keep a chiller bag or chilly bin in the car for any food-related trips you venture out on – you never know what you may find out there to enjoy or when a friendly fisherman donates something for your dinner.
Find responsible disposable cutlery or invest in a nice set for venturing out of the house and think about reuseable cloth napkins – we don’t want to be responsible for any rubbish in our National parks!

Check out some of the best local Auckland parks for picnicking (thanks to the wonderful folk at Gather & Hunt!)