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Puhoi Valley is well known for their contribution to the cheese board with their range of classics but now we are pleased to offer their new milk at all Farro Fresh stores.

Milk has been a growing category that we know you’ve all appreciated in the last 12 months with Lewis Road breaking the mould and offering us all real milk and now with Puhoi adding to that offering we are well set for a milk revolution.

Puhoi Valley has introduced three lines: non-homogenised, homogenized and half and half, a product made from a blend of milk and cream which is one of our favs. All organic it is a great addition to compliment the offering.

We love the fact that we now have choice and more traceability when it comes to our milk. The option to focus on taste with options like the half and half instead of just being generic old ‘milk’ is such a win for us all!

Find Puhoi Valley milk in the shelves at all Farro stores!