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For more than 20 years Kaz has been creating unique, innovative and amazing tasting ‘real’ food. From humble beginnings, making Christmas cakes part-time for a bit of extra cash for her family, to today, pure delish, making a large range of cereals, snack bars, cookies and slabs. Everything completely handmade and hand packed by her loyal and talented team in their own facility in Auckland.

Kaz’s pure delish brand has become synonymous with mouth-watering excellence but also on boundary-pushing, award-winning products. Focused on using only quality and real ingredients, Kaz ensures that while her products must taste great they should actually be healthy too. Her focus is on handmade and she refuses to use machinery over people. With bare minimum processing and a dedicated team behind her means, Kaz has built an incredible brand.

She truly believes that it is her amazing team of people who bring life, attitude and laughter to pure delish and that this is what gives pure delish the real point of difference. Real people making real food – Kaz believes this is the secret ingredient in every pure delish product.

Every packet of pure delish is made with so much integrity and care, right down to the way the nuts and seeds are hand quality checked to the way the cookies are hand rolled and the cereals hand scooped by the team. We all want to know what’s in our food and being able to work with a company such as pure delish who are so open but so excited about their products is such a joy!

Kaz has been part of the Farro Family for so long and with her kitchen just down the road from our Lunn Ave store, we see her a lot. She is very much one of us and understands the challenges of delivering a high-quality product consistently every time. We truly appreciate her joyous personality and it has been amazing to grow alongside her. We celebrate Kaz and the pure delish team this September during our Ten Year Anniversary Month – what a perfect tie for two businesses who have been there for one another and can truly say it has been an exciting journey.