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Re-fill and Re-use with our our Milk re-fillery Stations in-store!

Re-fill and Re-use with our our Milk re-fillery Stations in-store!

This week we are celebrating the 9th year of Recycling week with an emphasis on motivating people to be more aware, active and engaged on Aotearoa’s zero waste journey. A great way to make a small change that will have a big impact as well as making a darn good addition to your fridge is with our initiative in partnership with our friends at Lewis Road Creamery and Milk & Co, with their milk bottles you’ll only need one glass bottle for life! 

Milk & Co, a start-up company, are a bunch of like-minded kiwis in a bid to do their part in looking after our beautiful country, they did this by creating a simple, yet stylish glass milk bottle that would give everyone a way to enjoy your favourite milk while reducing the single-use plastic that enters our beautiful land and water. Their recent partnership with Lewis Road Creamery at all of our Farro stores has meant that our customers can enjoy the best organic milk, minus the waste! Each bottle helps Aotearoa just a little but together we can make a meaningful change. Simply purchase a bottle from one of our stores, fill it up, take it home, enjoy, wash and repeat! The bottles come at a one-time price of $4 and then $4 a refill (one litre).

 Here’s a breakdown of how it works: 

Step 1 – Find one of our refill stations, located in the Butchery in Farro Stores. All the new glass bottles ready for purchase at the refill stations are sanitised before becoming ready for sale and use, so you can use them straight away. The refill machines are sanitised daily, and the milk nozzle in the machines is cleaned throughout the day.

Step 2 – Grab a new glass bottle and fill it up with Lewis Road’s delicious organic milk!

Step 3 – Take your bottle home and enjoy!

Step 4 – Either hand wash your bottle in hot soapy water or pop it in the dishwasher and throw it in for Farro reusable bag for your next shop.

Step 5- Repeat with your purchased glass bottle!


  • Non-toxic - Unlike plastic bottles, glass bottles don’t come with the nasty chemicals. This means it’s safe for everyone and the purity of taste is retained!
  • Glass lasts – historically people who purchase glass purchase less than those who use plastic, why? Simply because it lasts longer - prior to 1935, beverages were sold in glass refillable containers. Bottles were washed and refilled as many as 20-50 times.
  • Reduces toxic emissions - Producing a 450ml plastic bottle generates more than 100 times the toxic emissions to air and water than making the same bottle out of glass
  • Resource efficient- Since glass is 100% recyclable – it can be washed and sterilised after every use without becoming degraded unlike plastic that when you recycle, the process is often called “downcycling” where it is typically not used to make another bottle and instead is used for synthetic clothing or carpets.


At Farro we are serious about sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. We are conscious about our procurement and disposal practices and want to help or customers adopt effective recycling habits in order to create a waste free future for Aotearoa and our tamariki.