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Kathy and Rachel are the heart of Relish the Thought, a business they started over 10 years ago to focus on great tasting condiments. In a category that is literally jam-packed with similar products Relish the Thought have worked tirelessly to stand out and lead the market.

What we appreciate the most about Relish the Thought besides their obvious passion for food is that you’ll meet Kathy and Rachel in store when they are tasting. They do it all, from harvesting, cooking, bottling, labelling and marketing. It is their hands-on approach that we really admire.

Kathy and Rachel have set themselves apart from the rest by being truly local and using local produce. They source many of their core ingredients from local growers. The eggplants they use for their award-winning Eggplant Kasundi are grown by Sven in Dairy Flat. The Tomato Relish and Tomato Kasundi are made using Eighty4 heirloom tomatoes grown by Amanda and Brent at Bethells Beach.

We asked Kathy and Rachel a few questions

What got you started in the world of condiments?

Rachel and I were playcentre mums and they were both on the PFA at Coatesville School, a country school where everyone knew each other. We are also in the same book club. When Coatesville Market began in 2006 a group of us from book club decided to have a stall. The idea began to make enough money to go on mothers retreats (weekends away, no children or husbands – Bliss!) Eventually it was just the two of us making preserves from the produce of our lifestyle blocks. We joined forces as Relish the Thought and the rest is history.

Your recipes are more adventurous than most – how do you come up with them?
The recipes come from a variety of sources. We match flavours that work well together often using the base ingredient from our properties. We have also used existing recipes as a template and add or change things to suit our palates. Some suggestions come from friends and of course our mothers have had a hand in there too. We love to experiment.

What has been your most successful product ?

Eggplant Kasundi, and also Tomato Kasundi. Marmalades are popular especially Seville and Mandarin and Cointreau.

With so many products in your range how do you schedule your production ?

We are seasonally driven, the fruit and vegetables taste so much better when they are at their peak. We are able to find some products all year round, such as eggplant, which makes life easier as we will make that every week or two. We are able to freeze some ingredients to use later in the year if needed.

Generally we start in summer with strawberries, plums, peaches and other summer fruit, moving onto tomatoes, chillies and capsicums. Winter sees us with citrus, we slice all the fruit by hand, always quite pleased when marmalade season is finished.