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With a truly artisan story to tell, Salash Delicatessen has a history as salami producers. Dating back well over 300 years, the Salash family use the same craft methods as their regional ancestors… right back to their grandpa Lazar, whose first love was producing naturally cured meats and salami in the traditional way, at his village home of Ridjica, near Sombor – a passion inherited from his own father – great-grandfather Deda Bracika.

In their ancestral home town of Sombor, in north-western Serbia, communities have a great passion for enjoying good food and sharing generous hospitality – a sentiment we can all share.

Dragoslav (Draza) was keenly involved in all aspects of traditional home butchery and became dedicated to the art of curing meats, naturally learning from his father and grandfather, and now his two sons carry on this craft here in New Zealand, where they decided to set up shop in 2009.

We love their story and passion to keep to their original family recipes – insisting on using only the best cuts of naturally raised meat and other selected all-natural, organic raw ingredients – to slowly develop the wonderful textures, unrivalled depth of flavours and excellent natural keeping qualities across their range of products.
Salash Delicatessen was the first and only producer when they launched, making proper, truly authentic, salami in New Zealand – made without starter cultures or any additives or chemicals in any of their products.
We are celebrating their skill and craftsmanship in the deli this month, you’ll find tasters, so you can find out for yourself what authentic, real salamis taste like.