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Every loves a good sausage on the barbecue but not all sausages are created equal when it comes to that higher heat cooking. Natural casing is quite tender and needs a bit of love and affection so that it doesn’t explode. Natural casing is made from the intestines of animals and has a great deal more flexibility and helps keep the meat moist and fresh. A synthetic casing can be more durable, allowing for much higher heat and a bit more tong probing while on the barbecue so both have their benefits.  All L’Authentique sausages are made with natural casing so we suggest a gentler heat and a more considered cooking method than throwing them onto the fires of hades. Grant them the cooking they deserve! Lower heat and gentler tong prodding will result in a really lovely moist sausage.

Also perfect over January are Rocket burger patties-all shaped and ready for action in a six pack, what more could you ask for to take to the family barbecue? Seasoned using the legendary Rocket Fuel sauce, they are just $8.90 and naturally you’ll need a bottle of Rocket Sauce to go with to complete the perfect burger.

We’re also big fans of Glasseye Creek Wild Meat Sauce – born and brewed in Little Wanganui on the West Coast of New Zealand. The sauce, as is the story, is unique to the NZ market, and embraces a kiwi attitude that seems to be disappearing as our  ‘older’ generic brands move offshore.

Great with cooked meats such as beef, pork, venison, lamb, wild pork or sausages. Can also be used as a marinade or add to your favourite casserole or gravy for an extra lift. On special this month at Farro for $8.99 for 375ml bottle.