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Simple ways to eat figs

Simple ways to eat figs

The start of March also means figs start being seen at the market. Such a short season they’ll be gone before you know it so enjoy them now!

A few simple ways to enjoy figs: 

Figs are perfect with blue cheese as we know – we are big fans of a simple fig simply sliced through and stuffed with a slice of French Blue d’ Avergne. It’s sweet and biscuity tones work a treat with those sweeter fig flavours.

Layer figs them up on a tray , drizzle with Sherry vinegar and bake for 10- 15 mins before serving warm with Spanish Serrano ham

Take some time and make a pie of fig and almonds. Chear just a little by using Paneton’s great all butter frozen pastry.

A perfect side to chicken, roast figs toward the end of your roast chicken cooking time adding fresh thyme and the juice of a lemon.

A simple breakfast of fresh figs sliced and topped with Raglan Coconut Yoghurt and toasted seeds – perfect start to the day

Enjoy fresh figs simply drizzled with a good spicy extra virgin olive oil – our pick is the new to store Olive Black Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Wairarapa and serve alongside Massimo’s Burrata – a soft and luscious mozzarella filled with cream