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Six Barrel Soda Co are our first Producer of the Month for the year and we felt that as January is all about a drink or two we could share some of their sodas with you. They are big fans of soda fountain culture that came from a time when things were made by hand-freshly squeezed citrus, grated ginger and hand grinded spices. They feel they were better back then so wanted to replicate that hand made nature in their own products. Based in Wellington they do just that –hard work all by hand to create a beautiful finished product for you to enjoy at home as 1 part syrup to 5 parts soda or sparkling water.

We love hibiscus soda for summer enjoying it neat or as a refreshing cocktail with vodka or gin, plenty of mint and even with a touch of lime. Celery Tonic has been high on rotate within the Farro teams as the perfect Bloody Mary mixer and no one can go past the raspberry and lemon for the most summery refresher ever.

We love Six Barrel Soda Co and their dedication to their product . We loved having them in store over the xmas period –they are wonderful dancers and always welcome to come join us for a wee boogie –and we love having them on hand for those sophisticated sunset drinks.

Six Barrel Sodas are all just $18 a bottle over the month of January to celebrate their status as Producer of the Month so no excuse to not have one of their sodas ready to rock and roll in your fridge!

Also in store for those serious soda drinkers we have beautiful soda syphons available from Six Barrel right now instore. Beautifully retro in their design, they could be just what you need for a summer of soda drinking.