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Six Ideas For A Cracker Mid-Winter Christmas Party

Six Ideas For A Cracker Mid-Winter Christmas Party

Why should Christmas only come once a year? The great thing about living in New Zealand is that we get to celebrate it twice! Anyone who has spent a little bit of time living in the northern hemisphere will appreciate how Christmas and winter were made for each other.

The idea of a warming winter roast turkey or carved Christmas ham, mulled wine, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots and Brussels sprouts – all at their seasonal best at this time of year – cozying up inside and enjoying all the trimmings (while snow falls outside and rudolph’s bells can be heard on the roof). This mid-winter chilly spell as invigorated our desire for some festive cheer!

We have some easy ways to make whip up a mid-winter Christmas feast to share with your family and friends. All you need to add is the secret santa.

  1. Mulled Wine - Nothing says Christmas more than mulled wine. But it just doesn’t fit in a hot mid-summer Kiwi Christmas. However for mid-winter feasting it’s a delight by the fire -the spice, the orange and the cinnamon -warms you inside and out. And the best bit is that you can use some of the new-season Gisborne oranges to make it! This is our favourite recipe. Create a wonderful flavour base by really letting the sugar and spices infuse and blend well with the wine.
  2. Christmas Ham - Why it just has to be for Christmas, we’re not quite sure. We could eat Christmas ham, otherwise known as champagne ham, for Christmas, Boxing Day and pretty much all year round. The reprisal of this absolute favourite for a mid-winter Christmas dinner is a must.  This glaze with mustard, cider and cider vinegar is just delicious. 
  3. Duck fat roast potatoes - Need we say more? These two things were made for each other and are the secret to getting the tastiest roast potatoes you ever did taste. Some people may call it a side dish, we like to think of it as a show stopper.
  4. Pigs in blankets - These are a very traditional British accompaniment for Christmas dinner, chipolata sausages wrapped in bacon. We like to use a L’Authentique chipolata wrapped in a slice of Freedom Farms streaky bacon, baked in all its crunchy, porky goodness.
  5. Talking Trifle - The trifle has such a fond place in the traditional Kiwi dessert reportiore, it’s right up there with the pavlova. There are many a fine crystal trifle bowls that sat in granny’s fine glass cabinet all year just waiting for an outing for the Christmas table. Every family seems to hold their own trifle secrets too, which can cause quite some controversy so we would love to hear yours the special secret ingredients that reminds you of Christmas of old. This is one of our favourites.
  6. Stollen - For those of you, who haven’t tried this before or who don’t even know what Stollen is: It is the traditional German Christmas fruit loaf, made with quark – a white cheese reminiscent of ricotta – butter, walnuts, and organic dried fruit (raisins, sultanas, apricots, cranberries) and of course a good amount of marzipan. If you pop it under the grill the sugar coating melts and caramelises and you will fall in love with every bite. We have Bread & Butter’s traditional Stollen in store for 1 week only this week. And if there is one thing you try this week, make this it!