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When Rachael Carter, founder and managing director of SOHO, launched her Pink Sheep Collection a year ago, she applied her trademark dynamism, passion and big heart, donating 50c from the sale of every bottle to three charities that encompass mental health, children and animals.

How much has SOHO donated through sales of the Pink Sheep Collection?

So far, we have donated over $30K to our charities. Our rosé donates to Mike King’s I AM HOPE, our sauvignon blanc gives to the Blind Foundation Guide Dogs and our pinot noir to Variety, the Children’s Charity.

What benefits have you seen from SOHO supporting I AM HOPE?

This money gives Mike and his team more reach. Mental illness is easily disguised and the “unspoken” needs to be voiced and treated – our donation helps create a platform for this voice and treatment. Unfounded opinions and judgement can be so detrimental, there needs to be more thought and acceptance in our society – Mike and his team are making big inroads here.

How do you personally manage the work/life balance?

I am a single mum so whatever happens I always put my daughter’s needs first and then SOHO’s. Thankfully my SOHO hours aren’t as ridiculous as they were once due to the growth in my very capable team. I am blessed with amazing friends who fill my life with loads of laughter and good times. There is always a glass of wine and Netflix to escape from my busy mind in the evenings! 

How do you encourage your staff to manage the work/life balance?

Our office is a fabulous team of ladies. I always say passion coupled with hard work creates success and this is definitely our ethos. The wine industry is stressful and a cash guzzler so it means we are always up against our sales targets – that said we have created a very fun brand and we certainly know how to have fun! My landlord often comments about the laughter pouring out of our office.

I AM HOPE encourages people to share their stories as a way of tackling depression. Do you have a story you can share?

Our family has been affected by mental illness, I have certainly seen first-hand the waterfall effects of suicide in a family and understand how important it is to keep a healthy mind and to look after those people who struggle to keep their minds healthy.

Who does the Pink Sheep Collection appeal to?

It has quite an out-there Damien Hirst-inspired label so it does appeal to the creative in all of us and people can resonate with at least one of our charities. The sauvignon blanc is new to the range and right off the bat received a gold medal and 5-star accolades. We strive to make the best wine we can, so it has been amazing making a range that tastes fabulous but has a story behind it that makes it even more special.