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St Agur Cheese

St Agur Cheese

Saint Agur Cheese

Auvergne, France

Type of cheese: 
A soft blue-veined cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk.

Tasting notes: 
Saint Agur has a delightfully creamy and spreadable texture. Mild spicy, tangy and double-cream flavours cut through each bite. The cheese has an earthy aroma, with hints of spice and floral notes.

Serving Suggestions: 
Less salty than most blue cheeses, St Agur's tangy flavours balance perfectly with its double-cream texture to produce a cheese that is easy to cook with, while also spreading well for eating from the cheeseboard. Pairs beautifully with pears and figs, walnuts, and French Saucisson Sec De Porc Classique, our charcuterie match. As for an accompanying drop, we recommend Montidori Sangiovese.

History of the cheese: 
St Agur is a blue cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk in the village of Beauzac from the mountainous French region of Auvergne. Since 1988, the Bongrain Cheese Company has been manufacturing this double-cream cheese, working for several years on the manufacturing and ageing process to perfect this famous cheese for all lovers of veined blues. The strictly-controlled temperature and moisture level in the maturation rooms are what give Saint Agur its distinctive, sharp, fruity, yet mellow taste and creamy texture.