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Summer Berries To Last All Season!

Summer Berries To Last All Season!

December sees punnets of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries on our shelves. Perfect as a snack or added to cereals, salads, sauces or desserts, berries provide fibre, vitamin C and the taste of summertime!



A lot of love is devoted to this summer-time favourite and we know why! Not only are they packed with vitamin C and delicious on their own, but they have so many different uses. Let ripe strawberries come up to room temperature before eating to maximise the flavour. Add them to breakfast smoothies, mix them into home-made ice-cream or ice blocks, decorate the Christmas pavlova with them or even add a strawberry to a glass of prosecco. Perfect!


Much-admired for their beautiful blue hue, fresh blueberries boast a sweet-tart flavour and plenty of health benefits. So good in a summery fruit salad, mixed into pancakes and muffins or home-made breakfast bars for some all-day energy!


Jams and tarts are traditional favourites for blackberries but it’s time to think again! “Try blackberries in salads or paired with brie or camembert on a festive cheese platter,” suggests Kuldeep Bhullar, Farro Produce Category Manager. 


Raspberries are the star prize of summer’s bountiful crops! The fruit is a little fragile so look for firm, plump fruit and treat with care. See for a sumptuous Christmas trifle recipe featuring summer berries.