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Getting a great morning smoothie routine going isn’t a hard ask – but to keep your taste buds interested you need a bit of variety. Here are a few great smoothie ingredients to add some excitement to your usual blend:

CINNAMON: Just one teaspoon of powdered cinnamon per day is said to help lower cholesterol and makes for a delicious start to the day with banana, LSA and chia seeds.

TUMERIC: Powdered turmeric is great for your joints so any old sports injuries, arthritis or just aches and pains are eased with a tablespoon of turmeric per day. Mixing it 1 part to 10 parts (eg: 1 T to 10 T) with black pepper makes it bioavailable to your body so it can out it to good use

FENUGREEK: Said to be good for skin inflammations and hormone imbalances. Ease some of hot flushes and male related hormone issues with 1 teaspoon daily. Also said to really help level glucose levels and be of benefit to those with diabetes if taken in larger quantities of around 60g per day.

KALE: We all known to be a wonder green but what is it that makes it so good? High in Vitamin K that helps fight cancer, more iron than beef, vitamin C for immune system, Vitamin A for skin and helping keep elasticity, and a natural anti-inflammatory. ½ cup per day will give you a whole lot of goodness.

OREGANO: Yes, the herb we love on pizza has the highest amount of natural antibiotic of anything in your pantry. In Asia a larger flat leaf variety is brewed like a tea and drink when you have a cold so why not go for a more savoury kale and oregano morning smoothie – spicy!

AVOCADO: Contains over 29 great vitamins and give such good texture to any smoothie.

CACAO: Cacao has super levels of antioxidants and that wonderful chocolaty taste doesn’t go astray either. Add 2-4 Tablespoons of powdered cacao or nibs into your smoothie.

GOJI BERRIES: Known for their healing strength. High in antioxidants and amino acids, but there real value can be found in the 20 vitamins and minerals they contain. These precious nutrients have been used for centuries in Asian cultures to strengthen eyesight, fight against viruses, balance hormones, and even to assist with the longevity of life. Thrown in as much as ½ cup of goji berries into your smoothie each day

FLAX SEED: Is best known for its fatty acids and fiber. The addition of flax seeds to your smoothie will help with proper cardiovascular and immune system health, brain function, joint function, soft skin, and more. The fiber in flax is also good for many things, but especially effective with eliminating toxins from your body. Add just one tablespoon of ground flaxseed or try whole seeds to your smoothie for a subtle, nutty flavor with more than subtle nutrition.

COCONUT OIL: can really help in promoting with weight loss. The fatty acids fight body fat by converting itself into energy that will boost metabolism as opposed to saturated fats that add body fat. Use one tablespoon of coconut oil in your green smoothie per day and mix well

CHIA SEEDS: have a high content of omega fatty acids that increase brain function but also help your heart out by fighting high cholesterol and heart disease. High of fiber, protein, acids and vitamins, minerals iron, calcium and antioxidants. Use up to three tablespoons of chia seeds in your smoothie for a thick consistency and a mildly sweet flavour.