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Valentine’s Day has really grown on us over the years. Even if you’re not a sappy romantic, it’s always nice to acknowledge the people who matter in your life, and let them know they mean something to you. We’ve rounded up a few favourite things for the special people in your world…


1. Boudica Flowers. Kathryn and her talented florists have market fresh flowers in our stores each day. Our pick of the moment are the beautiful antique coloured and long lasting lisianthus. Magnificent.

2. Macarons. Quintessentially French, macarons are a sweet treat that few people don’t adore.

3. Cooking utensils. Going down the utilitarian route – picking out some nice and functional homewares or kitchen tools for her might seem like a thoughtful idea. Yes – we do have awesome gadgets and beautiful bowls and dishes, but be sure to get something that is both useful and not going to be taken the wrong way. Like that time we bought mum a vacuum cleaner for her birthday. Be wise.

4. Sweet treats. This is an easy win. Pick up some fresh pastries, slices or any other delicious treats on Saturday morning, add to it her favourite coffee, then head down to your local park to sit under a tree with the weekend papers and relax together. It might sound mundane but sometimes the simple things are the sweetest!


5. Coffee. Whatever your preference our baristas will be happy to grind up freshly roasted coffee beans for you. We stock Kokako, Allpress and Coffee Supreme, plus a great range of accessories.

5. Cheese. Not a traditional Valentine’s gift, but if you’ve got a stinky cheese lover in your life, the Farro cheese counter is an ideal destination. If you’re uncertain about your choices our deli staff will happily make pairing suggestions for you!

6. Chocolate. You can’t go wrong here. And we’ve got a spectacular range to choose from! Chocolate Brown, The Wellington Chocolate Factory, Schoc, She Chocolate… the list is long and delicious.

7. Wine. We recommend you do a bit of research with this one – while being handed a bottle of wine is nice, a bit of thought will get you mega brownie points. Have they got a favourite food? Pick a wine that matches it and suggest you enjoy the meal together. Or splurge on some bubbles and surprise your loved one with a champagne breakfast. Again, if you’re stuck, our team will gladly offer advice.

8. Greeting cards. An overlooked treasure – presenting someone with a few kind words of gratitude or affection will always be a winner on Valentines (or any other day for that matter!). Check out the card stands near checkouts for inspiration.

9. Gift vouchers. Many people seem to think vouchers are a bit of a cop out, but you can turn them into something memorable by giving anyone free reign in the store on the proviso that you cook whatever they pick. It’s like the ultimate buffet!


10. Put together a pack of interesting beers and ciders – there’s something for any tastes and ideal for long summer weekends!

11. Grow his considerable BBQing abilities with a delicious meat rub, marinade or BBQ sauce.

12. Following the sauce theme: hot sauce! If he likes a bit of zing in his food, check out our growing range of locally produced hot sauces – our picks include The Lucky Taco Chipotle or Culley’s Green Chili Sauce.