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The Drunken Nanny

The Drunken Nanny

Based 16km south of Martinborough, Lindsey and Amanda Goodman breed and raise goats. These same hand reared goats to provide them with wonderful milk they use to create a range of goat’s milk cheeses. The small initial herd of just 25 is increasing to 75 soon, so we can all have no fear of running out of their deliciously good cheese.

The Drunken Nanny milks then make all cheese onsite, which, as we know from so many of our cheesemaker friends, creates cheese that just can’t be beaten for taste. Amanda says her goats are so keen to be part of the process they wait their turn patiently and even jump up on to the milking stand when it’s their turn! The milk has a clean, sweet and mild taste thanks not just to the speed of production, but also the wonderfully rich land they graze on, full of flowers and many varieties of grass, to give extra taste to the final product. While this means less consistency, season to season, it does make for a delightful cheese eating experience.

We have three of The Drunken Nanny’s cheeses right now for you to try:

Fresh Lush Curd is a short-shelf life product that has a soft acidity and texture. Smooth and fresh, it’s a fresh-chèvre style that can be used as a spread or an ingredient cheese.

Dill Lush Curd is our absolute favourite because of the fresh dill addition. We can simply eat this straight out of the pottle! This has the same gorgeous soft and mild taste as Fresh Lush Curd, but with a herby pep.

Black Tie uses a traditional French method of preservation, where the soft and mellow chèvre-style cheese is rolled in grape vine ash. This one looks beautiful on a cheese board and pairs well with fresh grapes and poached fruits.