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The Farro Waste-Not Initiative

The Farro Waste-Not Initiative

This month, Farro is proud to launch its Waste-Not initiative. The launch of the initiative marks a reinvigorated approach by Farro to reduce the amount of food waste it’s 6 stores send to landfill. The initiative aims not only to have a positive impact on the environment but also our local community, through re-purposing our food waste, Farro will be able to provide meals to those most vulnerable in our community.

Farro’s journey towards tackling food waste began with the launch of Waste-Not Kitchen in March 2019. Waste-Not Kitchen was created by Farro co-founder Janene Draper and her sister Leysa. Their ‘aim was to nourish the lives of those in need’ by repurposing meat that would otherwise go to waste and turning them into delicious soups that were sold in Farro stores. The charity operated on a 1 for 1 basis, where for every soup purchased 1 was donated to a person in need. Throughout its operation, Waste Not Kitchen saved 9000kg from being sent to landfill while at the same time donating 1,897 soups and meat which was used to make in excess of 41,000 meals.

Covid 19 has highlighted the need to change the way we donate our surplus meat. Established charities such as Fair Food, Auckland City Mission, Everybody Eats and Auckland Women’s Refuge are facing unprecedented numbers of families seeking help. It has become clear that Farro can better serve families in need and meet our primary goal of reducing surplus meat being sent to landfill by supporting these charities directly.

Farro’s primary focus is to reduce food waste through efficient ordering and forecasting. The Waste-Not initiative involves directing food that would otherwise go to waste in three key areas:



Prior to expiry, our meat that would otherwise go to waste is frozen down, collected by Fair Food and donated to Auckland City Mission. Some meat is also collected by Everybody Eats, an initiative set up in Auckland where food that would otherwise go to waste is collected and repurposed. 

The team at Everybody Eats serve restaurant-quality food at two Auckland locations and at level 1, members from the team at Farro will be running their service for a night. Our teams will be involved in everything from menu design, kitchen prep, cooking, cleaning and front of house


Fruit and Vegetables

Any fruit and vegetables that are edible, but no longer suitable to sell on Farro shelves are donated to Fair Food. Fruit and vegetable waste is collected from all 6 Farro stores on a weekly basis. Fair Food then re-distribute this food to nourish communities via their 50+ partner agencies. So far this year, a total of 9581kg has been donated to help feed people in need.


Ready to Go meals

Prior to expiry, our Ready to Go meals are frozen down, collected by Fair Food and donated to Auckland Women’s Refuge. These meals provide vulnerable women and their families a complete and nutritious meal with minimal preparation time involved.


Together we can all make a difference by making positive changes in reducing waste and helping so many families in need. Farro is open to ways in which it can further reduce it’s impact on the environment – if you have any recommendations or suggestions then please reach out to us!