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Soft young goats cheese has a delicate acidity to it and smooth creamy body that can match so well with quite robust flavours. We enjoy ‘chèvre’ meaning goat in French with grilled mushrooms, roasted meats and grilled vegetables over winter to add that nice brightness that some winter eats can lack.

Said to be better for those who suffer from cow’s milk intolerance issues, goat’s milk cheeses do have a distinct taste and texture especially when young. Their mildness can be a real winner for cooking so as not to overpower other flavours and work very well with fresh herbs but once they get more age on them they can be really quite exciting with more pronounced ‘goat’ tang – that barnyard milk muskiness with underlying sweetness is exciting indeed.

At Farro we have a great selection of fresh young goats milk cheeses, or chevre, for you to sample. Merci Chef is a well known French brand and we love this as a real everyday number that we can use extravagantly due to its great price. Step it up in taste and body you should try the amazing Cilantro Chevre made in Hamilton. Small production from their own goats it has real character but best of all amazing texture. Far creamier and just so bright and zingy we love this served really simply so we don’t lose that immense flavour.

Move to more aged cheeses such as Garotxa and some really interesting tastes start to grow. Spanish produced Garrotxa is a traditional Catalonian 100% goats milk cheese made in small rounds according to artisan processes. A very old cheese it was almost lost to time but revived in the 1980’s and has taken on a new leash of life perhaps for the same reasons we love it!

Made from the milk of the famous Murciana goat, this is a cave-aged cheese that has a semi-hard ivory coloured body. The goat’s milk gives a beautiful earthy taste with a slight livery finish. We enjoy the sweetness and mild acidity of this pasteurised cheese also that makes it a great match with sherry or vermouth and enjoy serving it with almonds, walnuts and pears.