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Producers of the grand ‘Brie De Meaux’ – the King of Cheese, the Rouzaire family are three generations of cheese makers dating back to the 1930’s. Independently owned and operated, they are right in the heart of brie country – the Seine et Marne outside of Paris. Their cheeses are quality assured – hand cut curds, hand packed and wrapped, turned and assessed to export to us way down here in little New Zealand. They gather their own milk direct from the area from 20 selected farmers who concentrate on the well being and best health of their cows. They need a high quality , cream rich product to create the AOC rated cheeses they produce so they are reared outdoors over the summer and spring and into warm housing for the cold winter months.

Animal rennet is used to keep the traditional aspects of the brie and is part of regulation as well but this is coupled with hand cutting of the curds early on in the making process, hand moulding, hand turning and salting. Ripened for 4-6 weeks and turned by professional affinages to achieve the best results possible.

The Rouzaire family also makes a few of our other favs.

Pierre Robert – the simply luscious crème fraiche cheese that was said to have been produced by two friends, Pierre and Robert and was aged to encourage the truly amazing texture of pure cream to come through. Charouce –an old cheese that dates back to the 14th century is a classic white mould which has to be eaten ripe and ready to really appreciate that balance of cream to body and aroma.

More recently they have tried a bit of new innovation into old classics and this month we offer the king of cheeses with a layer of French whole grain mustard – a wedding tradition of the region and one that uses of yet another ingredient so reminiscent of the region –sounds odd but believe us – its wonderful!