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The Ultimate Guide to Hot Cross Buns at Farro

The Ultimate Guide to Hot Cross Buns at Farro

Whether they’re fresh, toasted, with lashings of butter or a cheeky smear of jam, you really can’t go wrong with a hot cross bun. Here’s our guide to all of the hot cross buns on offer at Farro in 2021: 

First up: Farro’s Loaf Bakery Collection 

For almost 15 years Farro has been working with Loaf Bakery to create our very own classic and chocolate hot cross buns. In the beginning, we tinkered for many months with different recipes, which involved lots of tastings, toastings and butterings to get them just right.  The result is a delicious classic bun with the ideal balance of fruit and spice to satisfy your Easter cravings, and a fan-favourite chocolate bun that you’ll be craving year-round.

Hot tip: if you love to impress your friends, pretend you’re a master baker with Farro’s Par-Baked Hot Cross Buns! Twenty minutes is all it takes to fill your kitchen air with the comforting aroma of spices. Serve them with pride, straight from the oven, with enough butter to melt and seep through the juicy currants.  

Loaf have something for everyone - if the kids aren’t a fan of the classic fruit-filled buns, we also stock Loaf’s scrumptious Salted Caramel and Blueberry Chocolate varieties. 

Farro Loaf Hot Cross Buns - Par Baked

Farro Loaf Hot Cross Buns - Chocolate 

Loaf Hot Cross Buns - Blueberry and Chocolate 

Loaf Hot Cross Buns - Salted Caramel 

$8.99 / 6pk 

This year we also have a twin pack of keto buns available from Loaf. These cleverly crafted buns are also gluten and dairy free, meaning even more people can enjoy these Easter staples!

Loaf Keto Hot Cross Buns

$6.99 / 2pk

The award-winner: Rangiora Bakery 

World-famous in New Zealand, these fan-favourite buns have been named NZ’s best hot cross bun for the second year running. A South-Island native finally available in Auckland, exclusively at Farro. These densely delicious buns contain 33% fruit, a warming blend of Ceylon spices and are glazed with star anise, cinnamon quill, clove and orange syrup.

Rangiora Bakery Hot Cross Buns 

$14.99 / 6pk


Gourmet at its Finest: Clareville Bakery

These handcrafted hot cross buns from Clareville Bakery are the ultimate treat for any bun enthusiast. Baked using Clareville’s own signature sourdough starter, they’re filled with cider-soaked currants, sultanas, apricots and oranges. To top off the flavour sensation, they’re delicately spiced with Clareville’s perfected spice mix, using hints of local honey to add subtitle sweetness without refined sugar. These are made to please. 

Clareville Bakery Hot Cross Buns 

$14.99 / 6pk


The Chocolate Lover’s Dream: Nada Bakery

Renowned in the Wellington region for their award-winning hot cross buns, Nada Bakery is the way to any chocolate lover’s heart. Not only can you feel the sheer weight of these buns and the quality ingredients that go into them, the taste does not disappoint. Every bite gives you a mouthful of best-quality chocolate and perfectly baked fluffy bread. Warning: you won’t stop at one.   

Nada Bakery Hot Cross Buns - Chocolate  

$14.79 / 6pk


Thoroughbread Paleo

No more rock-hard hot cross buns from homemade attempts! Not only are these deliciously fluffy buns paleo friendly; they’re also vegan and made using all organic ingredients. So beautifully soft and they taste just like the real thing!

 $18.49 / 6pk


Don’t Be A Hot Cross Bun, Eat A Hot Cross Bun

Last but not least on our list is the single Wild Wheat Hot Cross Bun. This traditional bun is a fruity beauty: full of fruit, spice and most things nice, with no preservatives or additives. Served with Lewis Road Butter, they’re available in a combo with our barista-made coffee to brighten your day – or enjoy one individually for a special treat!


$1.99 / ea or $4.99 with a regular hot or cold coffee