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Tony’s Chocolonely – Crazy about Chocolate, Serious About People!

Tony’s Chocolonely – Crazy about Chocolate, Serious About People!

Founded in 2005 by three journalists from the Dutch TV show ‘Keuringsdienst van Waarde’, Tony’s Chocolonely, was inspired by their revelation that the world’s largest chocolate manufacturers were buying cocoa from plantations that used illegal child labour and modern slavery. For many of us chocolate is a reward used to motivate children for good behaviour, but in Western Africa chocolate represents an industry that enslaves and imprisons children, exploiting them for free labour. According to the 2018 Cocoa Barometer, there are as many as two million children enslaved in the Chocolate Industry.

Tony’s Chocolonely is working achieve a 100% slave free Chocolate Industry with world-leading incentive to show that chocolate can be made differently. They are working to achieve this through direct, long-term relationships with cocoa farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast creating a transparent and traceable bean-to-bar process. Tony’s Chocolonely also pays a higher price for the Fairtrade cocoa beans, provides business and agricultural training to increase productivity on farms and even donats one percent of their net revenue to the Chocolonely Foundation, supporting projects to eradicate modern slavery in the cocoa chain.

Tony’s is the best-selling chocolate bar in the Netherlands and now enters the New Zealand market on Farro shelves, a conscious purchase that tastes as good as it sounds. Farro is stocking six decadent flavours that you won’t be able to pass, White Chocolate Raspberry Popping Candy, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, Extra Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt and Milk Chocolate.

Tasting Notes:
White Chocolate Raspberry Popping Candy
Your very own slice of heaven, with subtle and milky white chocolate and a burst of tangy, slightly sour raspberry, topped off the popping candies to give your tastebuds a real party!

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut
BIG pieces of real hazelnut nuts in deliciously heavenly milk chocolate a must try for hazelnut fans!

Extra Dark Chocolate
Extra Dark like the name – guaranteed to impress any lover of rich, smooth and powerful chocolate with its strong flavour.

Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt
The kind of dark chocolate that will impress anyone, because unlike regular dark chocolate – it is not bitter at all! With large almond pieces and sea salt making for a decadent taste that will leave you wanting more.

Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt
Perfect for lovers of sweet and savoury. Creamy, mouth-watering milk chocolate combined with a perfect amount of sea salt and caramel; it is a match made in heaven.

Milk Chocolate
Silky smooth beautiful milk chocolate, described as ridiculously creamy, smooth and milky. Exactly how milk chocolate should taste.