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Traditionally Tuscan Perfect Panforte

Traditionally Tuscan Perfect Panforte

In accordance with Italian tradition 17 ingredients go into the making of panforte. That magic number represents the 17 neighborhoods of Siena and if you’ve ever had a beautifully made panforte you’ll know that each of those 17 ingredients plays an important part in making it so perfect.

Hand made and crafted are two words we do use to describe Traditionally Tuscan who back in 2000 started developing a range of panforte. Inspired by family connections in Siena Italy, their aim is to create authentic Tuscan delicacies, using traditional methods and recipes here in New Zealand.

Paula and Gianni Barbafiera moved from South Africa in 1996 and settled in Christchurch but it was Gianni’s grandmother who every Christmas would send her panforte to the family and he remembers so fondly savouring those delicious slices. There success has been hard won but driven but simple deliciousness and traditions –beautifully tender care, quality ingredients and that flavour in his head of his grandmother’s panforte.

Panforte is the thing of Christmas –that beautiful wrapping and string is always the perfect gift over the season and with Traditionally Tuscan’s further additions of biscuits to add to the Christmas basket you’ll find something to suit the whole families tastes.