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Vega Truffle Sheep Cheese

Vega Truffle Sheep Cheese

Vega Trufado
Sheep Cheese with Truffle

Albacete, Spain

Serving Tips: 
This truffle cheese is wonderful on its own with a full-bodied red and also combines perfectly with many dishes including risottos, thinly sliced on an omelette or potato gratin (marvellous!) and alongside cured meats and honeys. It is the star attraction on any cheeseboard.

Tasting Notes: 
This is no ordinary cheese, it is a true gourmet experience. Its incredible aroma welcomes and entices you to taste it. The black truffles work their magic in a splendid pairing with the rich elegant flavours inherent in quality sheep cheese.

About the cheese: 
This is an authentic truffled cheese that will surprise you from the moment you open it. Made from pasteurised sheep’s milk, the cheese is cured for up to 6 months allowing time for the truffle to infuse into the milk and develop intense flavours with complex notes of cocoa and woodland. Vega Trufado is made in a small artisan cheese factory, Vega Soluetamos, in Albacete, Spain.