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Washed-rind cheese: Thorvald Devotion

Washed-rind cheese: Thorvald Devotion

Thorvald farm is nestled in the charming Neudorf Valley, in Nelson among green rolling hills with the magnificent backdrop of the Mt Arthur range. They make a delicious range of sheep milk cheeses with the help of cheesemaker Francis who honed his skills in Franche-Comte, a renowned cheese-making region in France.

Thorvald Cheeses Devotion, Washed Rind from Upper Moutere, Nelson NZ is a delicious addition to your cheeseboard. Serve with grapes, walnuts and sweet fresh fruit like figs or in season tamarillo. Cheesemaker recommends matching with a Pinot Noir or robust Chardonnay.

Often referred to as “the stinkers”, these cheeses have intensely bold and savoury notes with some pungency. The outside of the cheese is washed with brine to encourage the growth of bacteria which gives the distinctive rind and taste. Not for shy cheese eaters but deeply rewarding for the brave!

"This cheese stands out as one of the best examples of the development in new varieties of cheese in NZ" Gold Award, 2019 NZ Cheese Awards.

A semi-soft washed rind cheese made with sheep's milk. Devotion has a distinct nose, smooth creamy texture and a slightly funky taste. 

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