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The po’ boy (or poor boy) is the reigning king of Southern American sandwiches, and is well known New Orleans street food. Created in 1929, it can be filled with anything from potatoes to prawns, oysters beef or ham, so long as it is tucked inside a loaf of chewy, squishy (preferably freshly baked) bread.

There is something about the beef po’ boy in particular that won us over at first bite. How can you resist chunky bits of beef melting in your mouth, juices running down your chin and dripping into your lap. You know something is good when you couldn’t care in the least about the mess you make eating it!

One thing’s for sure, everyone that’s had one has a favourite type. There are a few different methods for preparing the beef — from thinly sliced and layered, to pot-roast style, where the slow cooked meat is shredded or chopped, and most famously (and perhaps most hard to come by) those using “debris,” which is essentially a hearty gravy made up of bits of meat and char that have fallen from a beef roast.

Slow cook your beef in a flavourful sauce of garlic, onions, red wine, and beef stock. The sauce is thickened up with a flour and butter-based roux, to which the shredded meat is added back to create the ultimate gravy.

You can eat your po’ boy plain or “dressed,” which has the addition of lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and maybe a few gherkins. We also love ours with lots of mayo and a slice of provolone cheese. If you want to truly go New Orleans style, serve with an ice cold beer to wash it all down. And don’t forget a pile of napkins.